Discs of Tzeentch

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Discs of Tzeentch
(4th Edition, unpainted)

Discs of Tzeentch are melds of magic, metal, and daemon, and are often used as transports for mortal Champions of Tzeentch. Also some Flamers of Tzeentch - called "Changebringers" - are known for riding on top of them as part of the daemonic armies in the Storm of Chaos.

Various - almost completely different - descriptions of the Discs of Tzeentch are known over the centuries: They vary from metal surfboard-like and technical looking creatures to a version that looked fungoid or like some kind of pillow. The variants that are seen today seem mostly to be a spiked and organic kind of them or look like large shields. Some are also tentacled or draw a tail of flames behind.

Gaming references

Mortal champions of Tzeentch have been able to ride Discs of Tzeentch in most iterations of the Chaos army lists. This continues to be true with Warhammer Armies: Warriors of Chaos (7th Edition).

For daemonic armies, the use of Discs of Tzeentch has been more limited. In the 6th edition Warhammer: Storm of Chaos daemon army list, daemonic heralds of Tzeentch were able to ride Discs of Tzeentch. In addition, there were Disc riding Flamers known as Changebringers, and Discs also pulled Chariots of Tzeentch. The 7th Edition Daemons of Chaos book limited their use to mounts for heralds of Tzeentch and uses Screamers to pull chariots instead.

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