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Dispossessed are the remnants of the duardin empire who in exile built much of Azyrheim and now forge new cities in the Mortal Realms.[1]


Age of Chaos

The Warden Kings led their still proud but battered people into exile with Sigmar, leaving the dying embers of the once mighty Khazalid empire. Like their ancestors they created mighty kingdoms beneath the Realm of Azyr and continued their ancient traditions and crafts.[1]

Age of Sigmar

When Sigmar finally reopened the gates, the Dispossessed came forth with his Stormcast and other warriors not only to fight but also to build. Whenever the Stormcast conquered a Realmgate the Lords-Castellant would man it while the Dispossessed and the Ironweld build fortified towns, which would later grow into free cities, making sure the new cities have firm foundations.[1][3a]



Name Faction Unit Species Description
Bryn Dispossessed Ironbreaker Duardin A former Ironbreaker to a Warden King, he now works with the Witch Hunter Sol Gage.
Grom Juddsson Dispossessed Thane Duardin The representative of the Riven Clans in the city of Glymmsforge in the Realm of Shyish.
Halgrimm Dispossessed King Duardin King of Clan Halgrimm that was slain by Xelkyn Xerkanos.
Halgrimmsson Dispossessed Thane Duardin A Thane of Clan Halgrimm that captured Xelkyn Xerkanos in order to avenge his father, King Halgrimm.
Hruna Kollok Dispossessed Head Overseer Duardin She was in charge of the Zhu'garaz workgangs that were part of the reclaimation of Caddow.
Judd Dispossessed Elder Duardin The War-Mourner of the Gazul-Zagaz.
Kazrug Dispossessed Warrior Companion Duardin A warrior who worked with the Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll.
Idenkor Stonbrak Dispossessed Merchant Duardin A merchant from the port city of Barak Gorn who travels and trades across the Mortal Realms.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Hammerer M01.jpg
Hammerer Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Ironbreaker M01.jpg
Ironbreaker Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Irondrake M01.jpg
Irondrake Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Longbeard M01.jpg
Longbeard Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Quarreller M01.jpeg
Quarreler Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Runelord M01 AoS.jpg
Runelord Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Thunderer M01.jpeg
Thunderer Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Dragon Slayer M01.jpeg
Unforged Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Warden King M01.jpg
Warden King Dispossessed Order Warscroll
Dispossessed Warrior M01.jpg
Dispossessed Warrior Dispossessed Order Warscroll

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