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A Dolgan warrior

The Dolgan are the nomad tribes of the Kislev Steppes. [1a]


In the early 2500's IC, they were ruled by a single Overlord, Sayl the Faithless, a malformed seer and sorcerer of great power. Despised by the tribes and beset by enemies, Sayl saw opportunity as the great Champion of Nurgle entered the lands of Dolgan, seeking to add their warriors to his horde. [2a]

He dispatched those tribes he did not trust to delay and harass the oncoming army of Nurgle but avoided open battle until finally Tamurkhan called for a parlay. The two leaders met with Sayl agreeing to join his forces to the horde to seek glory and plunder. [2a]

Life on the Steppes

The tribe is made up of between five to twenty families, each consisting of between six to twelve individuals - adults and children. A tribe is led by a chief, usually male but some especially warlike tribes have been led by women - on occasion a separate Warchief is named. [1a]

Each tribe moves in horse-drawn wagons moving to a new pasture roughly each week. The tribes have goats to provide milk and cheese and bison and cattle for meat whilst wild roots and vegetables are also gathered. [1a]

Boys are taught to ride and fight as soon as they walk, with a few girls who show outstanding promise joining them but most girls are taught domestic tasks and how to gather food. [1a]

Other peoples are considered lesser, with non Dolgan humans being called chegan (worthless people) and chetegan (worthless beasts) used for non-humans such as Hobgoblins. [1a][1a]


Raiding is considered a part of their life, but this is neither understood or appreciated by the Kiselv people or the Hobgoblins who are the subject of the raids. They favour the bow, sword, spear and shield and fighting from horseback and most of their battles are little more than large skirmishes or raids.[1a]


The tribes each have a chief spirit, the clanfather who is honoured by the tribe shaman and gives the tribe their name, only the Shaman and his apprentices understand the spirits and they guard their secrets closely. [1a]



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