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A Doom Diver

Doom Diver Catapults or Bat Winged Loony Lobbers [2a] are similar to greenskin Rock Lobbers, except that instead of rocks they catapult goblins equipped with crude artificial wings.

The Doom Diver Catapult was originally designed for aerial reconnaissance but [2a] unfortunately, the Goblins were too busy enjoying the exhilaration, speed and the chance to look down on Orcs to draw the position of enemy forces on the piece of slate they were all given. It soon became apparent that the Doom Diver Catapult was more effective as a weapon and it remains very popular with the more crazed or stupid Goblins and attracts a ridiculous number of volunteers.

Doom Divers

Those goblins - or Bat Winged Loonies as other goblins know them, crave the ultimate excitement of the high speed passage and dive - especially in comparison to the usually brutal, dirty and painfully short life of a normal gobbo! They practise for weeks, flapping their wings to strengthen their muscles and jumping off increasingly tall rocks or even getting Trolls to throw them! Each makes their own wings as they could not and would not trust another goblin to do so and they get very angry if another even touches them. [2b]

When the big day arrives they strap on their wings and spiked helmet, hooks their belt onto the catapult and braces themselves for the sudden acceleration. The catapult is pulled as far back as far as it can go - and sometimes its pulled too far resulting in its destruction. Should it be successful, the Goblin flies up, whopping and squeaking excitedly until its but a mere speck about the other greenskins. [2b]

The Diver now uses his wings to glide down towards the chosen enemy, the increasing speed driving the gobbo wild as it plummets down - this screaming exultation can scatter enemies below them. Should they actually manage to impale an enemy, it will almost certianly be killed but it is just as likely to merely slam into the ground or a tree or other obect. Some lucky few even survive the impact breaking a few bones as they hit a target but bouncing along mostly intact. [2b]


Goblin tribes on the move often form caravans with caged beasts and slaves as well as cargo such as scrap metal. Originally the carts and chariots were protected by outriders on Giant Wolves but to grant them better range, they developed the Doom Diver catapult as merely throwing goblins up in the air was amusing but gave little information as they slammed into the ground. Various attempts were made to try and keep the flung goblin alive including lots of cushions, parachutes and finally making them wings. [2a]

During a battle, a one goblin got a bit carried away and crashed right into the enemy causing an impressive amount of damage. Since then, other goblins have desired to be propelled into the air to then dive into the opposing army, despite the low chance of survival! [2a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 4th Edition. [2a]
  • 6th Edition: Each has 3 Goblin crew armed with Hand Weapons. May have Orc Bully with Chopppa and Light Armour. [1a]



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