Doyenne Dalvia

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Doyenne Dalvia the Red Widow of Toursonne is a soulblight vampire, Sanguinarch and agent for Queen Neferata, Mortarch of Blood. [1]

A agent of Neferata who in the Time of Tribulations dwelt in the city of Hammerhal, creating blood-children including courtiers, foppish noble duellists, ash-sweepers and even dull military men. Another plaything, perhaps her greatest prize was Lord Juvis Arcona, one of the richest men in the city who she anticpated gaining a seat on the Council of Twelve.[1]


At the beginning of the Time of Tribulaitons she ordered the destruction of the fortress of Blackcliffe and its inhabitants by Blood Knights led by Lord Helvir succeeding in bringing fear to her adopted home. She continued to spread terror and confusion with a series of bloody killings in the Cinderfall district.[1]


My heart aches to see Nulahmia again, to dance beneath skies of darksome violet, and to partake in the great revelries of the Scarlet Fountains at your side. To once again lay eyes upon your immortal beauty would be a taste far sweeter than any I might sample within this soot-smeared slum the God-King’s whelps presume to call a city. Yet be assured that although I pine for the magnificence of your unholy grace, my resolve is unshaken, and my commitment to our cause as firm as invictunite.

~A message from Doyenne Dalvia to Neferata.[1]