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Draconium is a Free City, also known as a City of Sigmar in the Realm of Aqshy[1a]



  • Docksflow: Barges that come upriver from Hammerhal Aqsha dock here. [1a]
  • Forges: Factories and workshops. [1a]
  • Gallowhill: A watch blockhouse is located here. [1a]
  • High Drake: An affluent area of the city. [1a]
  • Piper's District: Poor and dangerous area of the city with many shabby tenements built to house dock workers. [1a]
    • Drovers Lane. [1a]
    • Wayward King tavern. An slab like building that looks like it has been carelessly discarded rather than built, it has cracked bottleglass windows, eroding heavy roof slates and badly peeling rain-proofing down its frontage. [1a]

Flora and Fauna


The city has a thermal heating-pipe network that draws volcanic heat up through the pipehouse and funnels it to the richer regions of the city. [1a]