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Dracoths are gigantic, lighting-spitting drakes that can only be tamed and ridden by the most noble.[1]


Although they have their own unique language, they can also understand the varied languages of Aelves, Duardin and Humans. Until the Age of Sigmar however it was rare that they would interact with other races. [1b]


Savage and fierce, the Dracoth loom large over the tallest of humans, absorbing celestial energy and unleashing them as bolts of lightning. [2b]

Some believe that Dracoths are actually immature Stardrakes that will eventually return to the heavens to complete their metamorphosis. [2b]

When a Dracoth is slain, it is normally reincarnated in the Heavens in a new form, but as the Age of Chaos continued, less and less spirits of the slain were able to reach the heavens to be reborn. By the Age of Sigmar, like the stardrakes, the Dracoths were at risk of becoming a dead race. [2a][2b]


  • Calanax: First of the Dracoths to submit to a Lord-Celestant of the Stormhosts. Mount of Vandus Hammerhand.[1]



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