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Titles Great Drake
Celestial Drake[6]
Zodiacal Dragon
Type Godbeast
Status Active
Relatives Stardrakes(Children)[5b]
Affiliation Order

Dracothion, also known as the Great Drake, the Celestial Drake and the Zodiacal Dragon, that caught the remains of the world-that-was, named it Mallus and set it in the firmament. His coils cross the sky like a river of glimmering gems.[1]

He befriended Sigmar and received a necklace made of Sigmarite from him. In exchange the great drake taught Sigmar the way of the Mortal Realms.[1]

His tears are blazing silver stars.[3]


Age of Myth

Dracothion was drawn by curiosity to the glittering vessels of the Seraphon as they drifted across the gulf of eternity. He sensed the minds of the ancient seers, the Slann and communed with them, receiving a vision of the death of the World-That-Was. He wept in anger at the devastation and let a piercing cry and tears of silver stars that the Slann followed to the Realm of Azyr.[3]

Sigmar rode Dracothion into battle against Drakatoa to free Gorkamorka. Once freed the two-headed god knocked Dracothion senseless with a single blow.[2]

Age of Sigmar

After the defeat of the Hammerhands at Mount Kronus, Dracothion helped create the Stormcast Extremis.[4]

Dracothion interfered in the Battle of the Orb Infernia infusing the Seraphon with greater strength through a celestial alignment, through ultimately it proved futile against the Korghos Khul's hordes.[5a]

During the War for the Scabrous Sprawl he spoke with Melchoristan and guided the Tempest Lords to their destiny.[5b] Sensing that chaos forces would outnumber the Stormcast Eternals in this land he turned his form to starlight, hurling a rain of meteors towards the battlefield. Behemat tried to reach for him but he easily dodged in the form of cosmic light and then manifested his children in the form of the Chamber Extremis on the battlefield.[5c]

Dracothion helped Sigmar during the preparation for the last battle of the Realmgate Wars, with advice and by making Sigendil flare bright, accelerating the Reforging process.[4]


Dracothion is near-omniscient, his attention not as easily diverted as Sigmar's is.[5c]



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