Dragon-blooded Shugengan Lord

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Dragon-blooded Shugengan Lord

Dragon-blooded Shugengan Lords are the descendants of the children of the Celestial Dragon Emperor and the Moon Empress. [1]

Many of the Dragon-blooded, as they are known, now exist in Grand Cathay and have risen to positions of power, partly due to their heritage, but also their power. They are usually natural mages, skilled combatants, and talented leaders. However these natural abilities can be a source of jealousy and resentment from high-ranking mortals whilst the Dragon-blooded can become arrogant. [1]


The Dragon-blooded favour either the Lore of Yang or the Lore of Yin which both receive their power from the Celestial Dragon Emperor. [1]


Over the centuries the Celestial Dragon's nine Dragon children have themselves had children, born of mortal men and women, who it turn, have sired their own generations. Never cross the Dragon-blooded, child, for they wield the instruments of the Empire, and - justly or not - may well turn them against you.

~ Liu Jianguo, Adjunct to Yuan Bo. [2]


Weapons and Equipment

Shugengan Lords often ride Warhorses or Jade Longma. [1]


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