Dragon Ogor

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Dragon Ogors is a race of centauric beasts, half-drake below the waist and half ogor above it, bound by a pact to servitude to the Dark Gods. Their army is known as the Thunderscorn.[1]


Rumours say that the Dragon Ogors long ago, before even Mankind was born they made a dark bargain with the Dark Gods. The gods would grant them eternal life in exchange for their everlasting servitude. This pact has lasted aeons and is yet to be fulfilled.[1]


They inhabit high mountain peaks wreathed in magical storms.[1]


Dragon Ogors have the sheer size to fight off any foe, which they do with a their bestial faces set in a grim scowl while roaring and barking in their ancient tongue.[1]

Not only that but their very powers are fuelled by electric storms, easily able to be invigorated and healed by lighting of their homes. This make them a potent weapon against the Stormcast Eternals.[1]


The Shaggoths are leaders of the Dragon Ogors each a hulking monster capable of crushing a fortified building under their bulk. Because of this they are used as living wrecking balls by the forces of Chaos.[1]


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