Drakk Cultist

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Drakk Cultists.

Darkk Cultists were Humans who belonged to a malevolent Dragon-worshiping cult.Needs Citation


Ages ago, the great black Dragon Azorgaron and the Dwarf Runelords of old fought for dominance of the lands surrounding Thunder Mountain. Azorgaron was a titan of the Winds and the Runelords were armed with the legendary Anvils of Doom. It was an epic battle that shook Thunder Mountain to its very core.Needs Citation

When it was over, the Dragon was wounded but triumphant. The great beast took to rest deep within the bowels of Thunder Mountain, sleeping as he recovered from his wounds.Needs Citation

In his sleep, Azorgaron lays at the center of the earth in his Hall of Dreams, awaiting the call of the old ones. The Great Wyrm does not sleep quietly, and his dreams call to those around him resulting in a cult that has sprung up around him.Needs Citation

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