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Drakwald was located in the north-west.

Drakwald was a province of The Empire, being the homeland of the ancient Thuringians [1][2]. Situated between The Wasteland on the west, Middenland on the south-east and Nordland on the north, the province eventually fell under unclear circumstances.

Its last ruler, Count Vilner, was slain around 1110 IC [3] by the Skaven assassin Deathmaster Slike [8a] and his Runefang was sent to Emperor Boris Goldgather for safekeeping. Due to unknown reasons no new Elector Count of Drakwald was ever selected.

During the next centuries Drakwald was left unsupported and many of its settlements were destroyed by Beastmen and Goblins. The province was divided between Middenland and Nordland in 1414 IC [3], the first receiving the lion's share of Drakwald's territories.

Drakwald Forest

A legacy of the province is the name of the Drakwald Forest[4][5][6a], covering part of Middenland and of Nordland. It's a dark and dangerous place, home of several Beastmen tribes.

Beast Slayer

"Beast Slayer" redirects here. For other uses, see Beastslayer

Beast Slayer is Drakwald's runefang. In 1550, when the Count of Middenland rebelled against the Wolf Emperor in Middenheim, he and his successors used the Drakwald Runefang.[7] These days, it is kept in the Imperial treasury. [6b].

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  • Very little background about Drakwald was ever released; even the sourcebook Uniforms & Heraldry of The Empire, which provides the colours and heraldry of Solland and Sylvania, manages to "forget" Drakwald.[4]
  • The fact that no one inherited the Runefang is puzzling; it's possible but unconfirmed that Vilner simply had no sons and heirs.
  • Emperor Boris Goldgather ruled from 1053 IC until 1115 IC.
  • Warhammer Armies: The Empire (7th Edition)[6c] states that a certain Konrad Aldrech was the last Elector Count of Drakwald. Sadly no background whatsoever is provided.
  • Sigmar's Heirs states that Boris Goldgather and his predecessors were from Drakwald.[7] This is unlikely, seeing as Drakwald's last elector count died in 1110, and Boris Goldgather's reign did not end until 1115.
  • The Place of blood is the place of the first conflict between beastmen and skaven