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Count Noctilus of the Dreadfleet
A map of the Galleon's Graveyard

The Dreadfleet was a small armada of (mostly) undead ships led by the vampire Count Noctilus.


The vampire formerly known as Nyklaus von Carstein ignored the squabbles of his brethren and sought greater power. He found the source of the power he needed in a special underworld for sailors and their ilk called the Galleon's Graveyard. He raised thousands of undead and used them in a ritual that translocated his castle and the rock it sat on into the cursed waters. He took the wreckages of ships and turned his castle into a seafaring vessel, known as the Bloody Reaver and took the new name of Count Noctilus.

For many years Noctilus hunted the seas of the world. He was known as a great threat to every coastal settlement, but even more terrifying was the Sea-Curse. Any sailor during those years that died at sea or any ship sunk in open waters would be at the mercy of Noctilus once they arrived in the Galleon's Graveyard. In this way Noctilus became even more powerful, and the greatest fear for any sea-faring soul.

In 2522 IC Noctilus raided the pirate island of Sartosa, the homeland of Captain Jaego Roth resulting in the deaths of his entire family and sending him on a quest to destroy Count Noctilus. After a failed attempt to recruit the Empire to his cause, he stole the ship The Heldenhammer from the Cult of Sigmar. Knowing that he needed funds to gain allies, Roth raided Zandri and sailed away with chests full of gold.

This angered King Amanhotep, who then joined the Dreadfleet. With new funding, Roth recruited The Flaming Scimitar and The Swordfysh. The three vessels headed back to Sartosa to restock before heading to the Galleon's Graveyard. The trio encountered a sinking dwarfen vessel, and decided to aid the dwarfs. Heading to Barak Varr instead of Sartosa, they managed to recruit Grimnir's Thunder.

Roth's forces crossed the boundary to Galleon's Graveyard but became scattered. The ships managed to regroup after fending off the Dreadfleet, and then encountered and recruited The Seadrake, an Elvish warship. This Grand Alliance headed to the Maelstrom, the source of Noctilus' power, where Roth sacrificed himself to destroy the Dreadfleet and its master.


The Dreadfleet consisted of five ships;

The Bloody Reaver

The Bloody Reaver

The flagship of the Dreadfleet, with the vampiric Count Noctilus at its helm and manned by an undead crew. The Bloody Reaver was forged together from the wrecks of dozens of other ships. The Count could summon powerful undead sea monsters to do his bidding.



An undead orb leviathan that had been turned into a vessel by Skretch Half-Dead and his zombified Skaven crew. It was powered by warp energy and fired warp lightning.

Curse of Zandri

Curse of Zandri

A war barque commaded by King Amanhotep, a Tomb King. A Pyramid tomb was constructed in its center and it was capable of firing focused beams of sunlight, setting its targets ablaze. It also sported five colossal marble Ushabti with great weapons, and used catapults instead of cannons.

Black Kraken

Black Kraken

The monstrous construction of Tordrek Hackhart, a Chaos Dwarf, the Kraken was an advanced submersible which had been imbued with the soul of a daemon.



The ghost ship of the ghost captain Vangheist. The Shadewraith was insubstantial and capable of flying over the waves, its ethereal form making it harder to hit.


Models of the Dreadfleet


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