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A Fyreslayer Duardin.

The Duardin are a race that inhabit the Mortal Realms.


The Duardin built a huge Khazalid empire across the Mortal Realms but during the Age of Chaos much of it was destroyed by various enemies, the survivors formed three distinct branches. The Warden Kings took many of their people into the Realm of Azyr to form the Dispossessed where their god Grungni is said to have wept tears to see how few remained. Worshippers of the Duardin Grimnir had already formed the Fyreslayer lodges and these remained in the realms when the gates of Azyr were slammed shut.[1] Finally some of those who had escaped the destruction of the empire retreated to airborne outposts and mining platforms to form what would become the Kharadron Overlords, their lives now guided by the Kharadron Code. [2]


The following factions have Duardin members:

  • Dispossessed: The remnants of the duardin empire who in exile built much of Azyrheim and now forge new cities in the Mortal Realms. [1]
  • Fyreslayers: The Duardin descendants of the warrior god Grimnir. These berzerkers seek the ur-gold, that they believe to contain the essence of their shattered god, and use it to hammer runes into their flesh.[1]
  • Ironweld Arsenal: Marvellous war machines and ingenious clockwork devices are the products of the human and duardin smiths of the Arsenal. [1]
  • Kharadron Overlords: Duardin that leave their bustling sky-ports to the mortals realms below with powerful weapons and mighty skyvessels to amass wealth by trade or by war, stopping at nothing to increase their stores of aether-gold.[2]

Other Groups

There are some other groups that have Duardin members, but are of lesser note.

  • Root-Kings: A shy and reclusive folk that inhabit the depths of Ghyran.[3]

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  • The Dwarfs compendium lists all of its models as Duardin.


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