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This page contains spoilers for: The Bone Desert from Novella Series 1

Captain Durbarak was a Kharadron Overlords sky-pirate in the Age of Sigmar [1]


His armour was silver, his face often concealed with a gold ancestor mask, rather than the silver ones his crew wore. Whilst he sometimes regretted breaking the Kharadron Codes he also greatly enjoyed killing and causing destruction on a large scale, life as a pirate allowed him to indulge these needs. [1a]


He was commissioned by Jakari to hunt down and kill the assassin Maleneth Witchblade [1a] and finally located her at the trading oasis of Khaled-Tush in the Bone Desert. [1b]

After bombarding and firebombing the area, killing dozens if not hundreds, he and his crew overwhelmed both Maleneth and her companion, Gotrek Gurnisson and dragged them aboard his ship, the Draz Karr. [1b] However as they travelled another assassin aboard the ship sabotaged the frigate and it crashed into the desert, Durbarak survived the crash, although injured but he and the other survivors were killed shortly after by Jakari. [1c]


Draz karr, on me! And remember, don’t shoot him! if we’re going to ransom them on, we need them each in at least two pieces!

~ Durbarak.[1b]