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Banner of the Kingdom

Eataine is one of the inner kingdoms of Ulthuan. [1a]

The kingdom is one of the wealthiest and most militarily stable of all the Elf realms.


It is centered around the Emerald Gate and and its capital city, Lothern, also serves as the capital city of Ulthuan. [1a]


Eataine is home to tens of thousands of elves and is a vibrant center of international sea trade.


The Sea Dragon Amanar is often portrayed in the heraldry of the city and its ships and it is said the dragon stil sleeps beneath the Emerald Gate, ready to rise up at a time of its direst need. [1b]


When the armies of Ulthuan make war it is often the ships of Lothern that carry them and any beachheads are siezed by the Sea Guard. [1b] It is guarded by 10,000 Lothern Sea Guard and has numerous formidable defences.

The Silver Helms of the kingdom have lances carved from the trees of the Eternal Grove which do not break in battle. [1a]

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