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Lord Eekrit Backbiter was a Skaven Warlord [1a] and Lord of Clan Rikek. [2a]


He had a warpstone amulet as a symbol of favour with the Horned God. When garbed for war he wore a thick jerkin of tanned human skin under a bronze scale hauberk topped with a cloak woven through with magical protection. [2a] By -1290 IC he had lost one eye (replaced with a gold skull) and the left side of his face was a mass of pinkish scar tissue. [2g]


In -1325 IC, when the Council of Thirteen discovered that there were vast deposits of Warpstone under Cripple Peak, they gave Eekit command of a huge force of more than 50,000 Skaven from all the great clans. He was tasked with destroying the skeletons that were currently mining the stone and returning it to the council, where it would be divided among the clans. [1a] Thus in -1325 IC began the War for Cripple Peak. [2a]

His initial attack went well but was then just as swiftly beaten back by the undead and packs of ghouls but Eekrit managed to salvage the situation by a well timed flanking attack, avoiding complete defeat. [2b] For the next twenty-five years the war raged and Eekrit created a under-fortress, complete with an audience chamber and a throne of teak with inlaid gold, displaying his growing wealth and power and that of his clan. [2c]

However in -1300 IC, the Grey Lord Velsquee of Clan Abbis arrived at the head of a large army proclaiming he had arrived to win the war. [2d] Velsquee advised Eekrit to first attack the settlements of the living barabarians serving Nagash and then the nests of the ghouls. [2e]

When Nagash unleashed poison gas into the tunnels five years later, it was Eekrit again who saved the day, ordering the mine supports burned to collapse the tunnels on the advancing dead. However he barely survived an encounter with Nagash and was badly injured. [2f] Lord Eshreegar and several scouts pulled him from the collapsing mine shaft but both lords had nearly perished from their burns, only surviving due to Eekrit's clan spending vast sums on medicines and chirugeons. [2g]

Surprised that he was still in command, Eekrit took Velsquee's new advice to attack towers and fortresses of the Nagashizzar. [2g] In -1285 IC, Eekrit, Eshreegar and several scouts inflitrated deep into Nagashizzar, conscious that skaven victory under Velsquee would likely mean their swift deaths. He discovered that Nagash had created huge bone-spiders and that he was laying a trap for the entire advancing skaven army. [2h]

They sought to warn Lord Velsquee, but were met by Lord Hiiric who gleefully informed them that their own spy in Nagashizzar had already told them of the trap and they were prepared for it. Hiirac then ordered them imprisoned. [2i] Eekrit and Eshreegar escape and manage to save Velsquee from Nagash, who badly wounded grants him command once more. Hiirac arrives and Eekrit kills him, promising to tell everyone about his heroic death. [2j]

He managed to salvage the situation, but half of the warriors had been destroyed as had much of the stored food whilst Velsquue returned to Skavenblight to be healed and put the blame for the defeat firmly on others. Eekrit made sure that not only was the Grey Lord recieving a stipend of warpstone but that he was publically thanked for his support and previous advice. He even paid for a orator to deliver a speech to the Council of Thhirteen on the anniversary of the expedition. [2k]

Clans Morbus, Skrye withdrew their support and warriors even as Nagash battered away at the skaven poitions re-taking various mine-shafts and by -1265 IC only one remained in skaven hands. [2k] When Velsquue finally arrived without an army or any support from the Council, he recommended thhat they gather what warpstone they could and flee, leaving the mecenary skaven as a sacrifical rearguard. [2l]

However as they spoke, a emmissary from Nagash came forth to offer a truce and trade - warpstone for metal and slaves which Velsquee accepted. Eekrit was tasked with remaining to supervise the trade and spying on Nagash as Velsquee revealed that Qweeqwol had seen visions of the liche ending the world. [2l]


Go! Carry my commands to the chieftains! Swarm through the tunnels! Tear apart our foes! Sieze the treasures of the Horned God! Strike-strike

~ Eekrit launching the first assault. [2a]


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