Eldritch Council

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Eldritch Council are Aelf Sorcerers of the highest order.


In Azyrheim and the new foundling cities in the Mortal Realms can be found the White Towers of the Eldritch Council. The members of this estemed order are masters of the elemental forces able to cast spells that can conjour force domes that are blade proof, shatter Chaos runes and summon vast pillars of ethereal flame. One or two may go to war with the forces of Sigmar, but seldom more than that and it is rare that the Council gathers in its entirety.

Like their counterparts in the World-that-Was they are protected in battle not only by their magics but also the skill at arms of the Swordmasters.[1]


  • Excelsis: The Ilythraein Observatory is a slim floating construct that hangs high above the tip of Mallus, it has towers and minarets and hovers on streamers of golden light.[4a]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Aliadrenne Verentrai Eldritch Council Unknown Aelf Silken Seer of the Eldritch Council.
Eldorel Eldritch Council Archmage Aelf An Archmage of the White Tower of Synarsis.


Image Unit Faction Grand
Archmage M01.jpg
Archmage Eldritch Council Order Warscroll
Archmage on Dragon M01.jpeg
Archmage on Dragon Eldritch Council Order Warscroll
Drakeseer Eldritch Council Order
Loremaster M01.jpeg
Loremaster Eldritch Council Order Warscroll
Swordmaster M01.jpg
Swordmaster Eldritch Council Order Warscroll


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