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Eldroc is a Lord-Castellant of the Celestial Vindicators, working under the leadership of Thostos Bladestorm. Redbeak is his Gryph-hound companion.[1a]


Before he was a Stormcast he asked Sigmar for the strength necessary to cleave his foes, like they had once done to his tribe.[1a]

He was one of the three brotherhoods that was sent by Sigmar to find the Silverway in Anvrok. He remained behind with his brotherhood to protect the Silverway, facing an assault by the Chaos Sorcerer Ephryx and his Bleak Horde that he successfully turned away. He remained to protect the gate, while the remaining Stormcast assaulted the Eldritch Fortress.[1a]


He can't help but feel disappointed when he manages to achieve an objective without opposition. Combat is the only time he can unleash his true fury and he often longs for it so he can forget the pain of the past. Unfortunately his position as a Lord-Castellant means that he has to spend more time organising the defence and contain his emotions so he can effectively lead his warriors.[1a]