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Eldyra of Tiranoc is a renowned warrior-princess of the High Elves, known for her rivalry with Sigvald the Magnificent.


Eldyra is the youngest daughter of Prince Eldyr, a general and friend of Prince Tyrion. [1a]

Following her father’s death at the Battle of Tor Dranil, in 2340 IC she took up his sword and travelled to the court of the Phoenix King to pledge herself in his place. However the King was too busy to see her and she received little but contempt and mockery from the courtiers until she fled in shame and anger. Tyrion found her at the Shrine of Lileath and in memory of his comrade accepted her as a squire - when they returned to court together, no one dared mock her in her new position. [1a]

In 2374 IC, the Champion of Slaanesh Sigvald arrived in Ulthuan, determiend to scalp every elf he found as they were said to have more fulsome locks than his own golden hair. Princess Eldyra led the counterattack, co-ordinating with great skill the initial harrying attacks that disrupted their advance until they were lost in the highlands of Cothique. When Sigvald fought yet another duel against a rival for leadership, she attacked with her full forces, slaughtering the invaders with few surviving. Amongst them was Sigvald who cut his way clear, having decided to enact vengeance on the creators of a specific Bretonnian wine which he had been reminded of by the blood of his rival. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Unlike many nobles of her kingdom, Eldyra forsook battle from a chariot's fighting platform. In part, this was a throwback to her days as Tyrion's squire, when no chariot could have kept pace with glorious Malhandir. Eldyra preferred to place her faith in living creatures, rather than machines. She was greatly envious of Eltharion's mount, Stormwing, and would have dearly loved to know the loyalty of such a beast. As it was, she was content to see battle from the saddle of her steed Maladhros who, though not as swift as Malhandir, nor so ferocious as Stormwing, was a canny and quick-witted stallion.


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