Elfslayer (Novel)

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Author(s) Nathan Long
Preceded by Manslayer
Followed by Shamanslayer

Elfslayer is the tenth novel in the Gotrek & Felix (novel series) by Nathan Long.

Cover Description

Gotrek and Felix reluctantly travel to Marienburg to fulfil a last request from Felix's dying father, however, a chance meeting with their old acquaintance Max Schreiber sends them in a different direction entirely and right into the heart of danger. The Imperial wizard has been sent north to investigate some disturbing magical phenomena off the northern coast of the Empire. Pretty soon, the heroic duo and their companions find themselves caught up in a new adventure, fighting for their lives against the dark elves!

Plot Summary

Elfslayer opens in Altdorf, where Felix visits his estranged father's deathbed. Far from reconciling with his son, Gustav Jaeger gives Felix a mission to recover an incriminating letter from Hans Euler, the son of one of Gustav's former trading partners. Gotrek, morose since the Storm of Chaos ended before he could reach the war-front, indifferently agrees to Felix's request that they travel to Marienburg, but returns to his old self after skaven attempt to kidnap them. The duo set off for Marienburg.[1a]

In Marienburg, Gotrek and Felix visit Hans Euler and attempt to recover the letter with which he is blackmailing Felix's father, but the meeting goes badly and the duo are forcibly ejected from Euler's house when two of his henchmen drive them out a window using a couch as a ram. Returning to their lodgings, they are surprised to encounter their old travelling companion Maximilian Schreiber, whom they last saw in Sylvania over twenty years prior. Max introduces them to Claudia Pallenberger, a seeress of the Celestial College, whom he is accompanying on a mission to investigate visions she has had of a great calamity befalling Marienburg. This piques Gotrek's interest, and Max brings the duo to a meeting with Aethenir Whiteleaf, a High Elf scholar from the White Tower of Hoeth who is tracking down a book stolen from the tower. The book describes a powerful artifact called the Harp of Ruin, a magical weapon capable of wreaking the level of destruction seen in Claudia's vision. The parties unite to track down the Harp before it can be used to destroy Marienburg.[1b]

Sailing north into the Sea of Claws on the Pride of Skintstaad, Felix has to contend with Claudia's persistent advances, as the young and unworldly woman wants to use him as a way of getting back at the old men who have controlled her entire life thus far. Curious that Gotrek and Felix do not seem to have aged (while he himself is now a mature man), Max determines that the magic bound to Gotrek's axe and to a lesser extent Felix's rune-sword Karaghul is retarding their ageing processes, keeping them young and healthy. Despite Max's disapproval Claudia continues to pursue Felix and he eventually submits, but their encounter is interrupted when Claudia is struck by a fresh vision, embarrassing them both when the entire crew comes to investigate.[1c]

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