Emalia Grimsour

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Lady Emalia Grimsour is a soulblight vampire and courtier in Nulahmia. [1]

A well known author and gossip, she has written a number of guides for ladies. [1]

She made infamous the evening that Queen Neferata and Acrius Kope, the Gallant of Glymmsforge spent together. [1c]

Her works include:

  • A Lady’s Concise History of Nulahmia. [1b]
  • A Lady’s Concise History of Shyish, [1a]
  • A Lady’s Guide to Consensual Bloodletting, [1d]
  • A Lady’s Guide to Spectral Visitants, [1e]


Mysteries are currency in Shyish. Questions without answers, stories untold - all these things are worth their weight in ur-gold.

~A Lady’s Concise History of Nulahmia .[1b]