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Emeric Gorge was the vampire Governor of the Estalian colony of Porto Real. [1a]


He looked like a bald old man with dry white skin linned with age and drawn tight across his lean face but with bright eyes. He would wear a red velvet doublet and hose, and a cape of spotless white silk. His fingers are pale and thin, clustered with rings. [1a]


He had ruled the colony for several generations, adopting a new name at regular intervals.

When the Butcher Ship drove trade from the seas, his little empire began to die and he was unable to take the opportunity to feed on the crews of passing ships. This forced his blood-children and himself to feed on the townsfolk, depleting their ranks and turning them lethargic. [1a]

Then the two ships of the Reivers Pirate company arrived and he saw an opportunity to feed again, he invited a number of them to his residence and in the night began to feed on them. [1a] Several awoke and fought back but it would have been very brief and one sided if the Master Gunner Sheerglas had not appeared and quickly dispatched several Vampire Thralls before attacking Gorge himself. [1b]

The two fought brutally until the Master Gunner rammed a table leg through the heart of Emeric, destroying him and his remaining thralls. As they returned to the ship, Sesto Sciortini noted that Sheerglas had no reflection. [1b]


We have been craving newcomers. New arrivals. Fresh blood, so to speak. Anything to enliven our lives. Commerce and intercourse have run dry.

~ Emeric Gorge to the Reivers.[1a]


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