Emmanuelle von Liebwitz

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Emmanuelle von Liebwitz at the Opera

Emmanuelle von Liebwitz is the current Elector Countess of Wissenland[1][2][3],

Well known as the most eligible spinster of The Empire, she holds her court in the semi-independent city-state of Nuln, where she holds the titles of Lady Mayoress and Chancellor of the University of Nuln. She is also the Duchess of Meissen.[4]

Many consider her the most fashionable and one of the most beautiful, powerful women in the Empire, renowned for her outrageous parties, scandalous style of dress, and numerous romances, but she is also said to have a capricious nature, a ferocious temper, and unusually a disdain for politics. [6c]


  • Viscount Leos von Liebwitz Emmanuelle's younger brother, died recently under unclear circumstances [5]. He was considered a master swordsman who fought several duels to defend the honour of his older sister against slanderers.
  • Gravin Maria-Ulrike von Liebwitz is her niece who often spends the winters with her in Nuln. [6a]


Emmanuelle grew up with and became a childhood friend of the Emperor which has often been to her advantage. [6c]


She has her own Wizards, but they tend to get on her nerves and hence do not always accompany her, in a similar fashion she is seldom escorted by members of a Knightly Order as they tend to clank alot. [6b]


She is fluent in several languages (Classical, Merogen and Tilean), is a fine singer and a excellent musician playing the harpsicord, violin and virginal. [6c]

Weapons and Equipment

Emmanuelle is the bearer of the Wissenland Runefang, Dammaz Vengryn but seldom wears it outside official occasions and rides both horses and a Pegasus. [6c]


Darling, whilst I’m sure the view down there has much to merit it, there is no need to crawl.

~ Emmanuelle von Liebwitz.[6b]


  • In earlier sources, her last name is spelled "Liebewitz".


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