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A map of the city.[1]

Erengrad is one of Kislev's three largest cities. Located on the coast of the Sea of Claws, it is the country's major seaport.


The city is built at the head of the river Lynsk, within a huge lagoon that shelters it from the cold sea and the flesh-melting winds of Chaos that blow from the north. The docklands are built on a sizable island, connected to the main city by a fabulous timber bridge. The city is protected by walls of solid timber, and from its great bronze gates winds a single dangerous path towards the city of Middenheim in the Empire.

The city was formerly named "Norvard", being the capital of the Ungol people. It was the largest city of the region and was later conquered by the Gospodars and renamed "Erengrad". With the regular transit of ships bringing trade goods from the Old World, Norsca, and even from the New World, the city slowly grew both in size and importance becoming an important centre of international trade.

Slaves, gems, and precious metals are common trade items here. Even though Kislev doesn't maintain a regular navy, many of the trade ships that come to Erengrad are armed and can be drafted into military service by the ruler of Kislev when needed.

Each year the Kurgan and Kyazak raid the lands of Kislev and each incursion is getting nearer and nearer to the surrounding settlements and suburbs of Erengrad. Nevertheless its defenders manage to push them back every year.