Eternity Chamber

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The Eternity Chambers are specialist rooms within the temples of the Lizardmen where the Slann Mage Priests enter in order to contemplate the Old Ones Great Plan as well as to ensure the Warding continues which is essential in keeping Chaos from consuming the world.

These chambers are sealed with a lock which can only be opened from the inside. There do exist special keys which contain intricate wards that can slow down the passage of time itself. Thus, those enemies that fight an individual carrying these keys can find their movements slowing down due to the effects of the artefact. By the entrance of the chambers stands an Eternity Warden; a high ranking member of the Temple Guard who protects the Slann inside the room. Some of the Eternity Warden's such as Chakax are known to carry such special keys in order to access these chambers.[1]


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