Eternity Warden

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The Eternity Warden is a title held by members of the Saurus species within the Lizardmen's empire. It is one of two ranks that overshadow the role of the Temple Guard, the other being that of the Revered Guardian. The duty of the Eternity Warden is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a member of the Temple Guard.

Typically, they are always the last survivor of their spawning and are a veteran who has faced both hardships and horrors. The duty of the Eternity Warden is to stand vigil within the inner sanctum of a Slann Mage Priest's temple during the time they retire into the Eternity Chamber where they meditate upon the Great Plan or continue their maintenance of the Warding which preserves the world from the forces of Chaos and from Daemons.

In the city of Xlanhuapec, the Eternity Warden that stands guard is the warrior Chakax who watches over his Mage-Priest's Eternity Chamber.[1]