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The Everchosen, also known as the Lord of the End Times, is a mortal champion behind whom all the Chaos Gods unite. War and death, famine and plague follow this great warrior wherever he treads, and nature itself abhors his presence.[1a]

Known Everchosen

Morkar, the Uniter

Main article: Morkar the Uniter

The first Everchosen. Morkar became Everchosen around year 1 IC and was given the task of making the world a permanent beacon of Chaos. After winning many battles Morkar´s army clashed with the armies of Sigmar Heldenhammer. Morkar met Sigmar in combat in a battle that would determine the fate of the world. The battle was likened to that between gods, but in the end Sigmar struck the killing blow, destroying Morkar and ending his incursion. From the ashes of this battle, Sigmar became the first Emperor of the united human tribes. For thousands of years since, his Empire has endured as a beacon of humanity.

After his defeat, Morkar's armour was placed in his tomb. Over 2500 years later Archaon came and tried to take the armour but the spirit of Morkar took control of it and attacked Archaon. Only after Archaon spat a curse in the long-dead language of the Unberogens did the armour cease its attacks for a second, allowing Archaon to smash it asunder and banish the spirit of Morkar.[1b]


The second Everchosen. Vangel bound the Greater Daemon U'zuhl into the Slayer of Kings. The millennia of imprisonment sent the Daemon insane with rage. Vangel was killed in battle with Gromrir Goldfist.[1c]

Kharduun, the Gloried

The third Everchosen. Kharduun was possessed by Be'lakor, the dark master during his siege of Praag. When Be'lakor tried to gain access to the Crown of Domination, using Kharduun's body, he found that he couldn't reach it. Be'lakor was filled with rage. His fury and his insanity eventually destroyed Kharduun's physical body, and he was forced back into the shadow paths to guard the Crown of Domination.Needs Citation

Asavar Kul, the Anointed

Main article: Asavar Kul

The Fourth Everchosen. Asavar Kul was a great warlord who led the armies of Chaos two hundred years ago in the greatest Chaos Incursion in thousands of years, referred to as the Great War Against Chaos. His forces besieged and sacked the city of Praag, turning it into a city of nightmare and darkness. Later laying siege to the city of Kislev but was defeated by Magnus the Pious, allied with the defenders of Kislev and a contingent of dwarfs from Karaz-a-Karak.Needs Citation

Archaon, Lord of the End Times

Main article: Archaon

Archaon is the mightiest Everchosen, for only he has uncovered all of the Six Treasures of Chaos.[1a] Once a devoted servant of Sigmar, Archaon discovered a terrible secret in the heretical texts of Necrodomo the Insane that sent him fully to Chaos.[1b] After being crowned the Everchosen, Archaon led the Storm of Chaos in 2522 IC.[1d] His goal was to extinguish the eternal flame of Ulric in Middenheim, thus destroying the god of wolves and winter and ushering in the destruction of the Empire[2]


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