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Vermin Lord

Verminlords are the Greater Daemons of the Horned Rat. [1a]

Manifestations of their scheming god, some Verminlords are thought to be ascended Lords of Decay [1a][5a] whilst others are embodied thoughts and schemes of their deity. [3a]


Although they vary greatly, many have the sloughing flesh of the Horned Rat and are decorated with warpstone hammered into them and amulets dangling from their bodies and horns. [1a] They are lithe, agile and quick despite their large size. [2a]



Dangerously wicked amd more cunning than any mortal skaven they retain their love of betrayal and lust for power, any bargain struck with them offers great power but will be at equally great cost. [1a]

Great sacrifice and ritual is required by Grey Seers to summon them where they serve as living icons of ruin along with being the ultimate scavenger. Its unnatural presence distorts the natural world around them with grass going black when its hooves walked over the earth. These calculating beings always know truth and can smells lies with their foreboding gaze causing even Lords of Decay to fear the Verminlords. [2a]

Each has its own proclivities and motivations and like the skaven themselves, they are divided into competing factions which favour particular methods. So some prefer disease and corruption so are known as Verminlord Corruptors, others which take the path of shadow and stealth are called Verminlord Deceivers. Although they often work with likeminded skaven or clans, it is possible for a Corruptor to be the guiding force behind a Clan Eshin plot, or a Deceiver to scheme with Clan Pestilens. [3a]


Verminlord Types and Powers

All Verminlords are powerful Wizards, many wielding a Doom Glaive.[1a] They are unable to spend long in the mortal world when manifested unless the Winds of Magic are blowing very strongly. [3a]

  • Exalted Vermin Lord: They may only be summoned in times of death, great slaughter and suffering as the Winds of Magic rise to a tempest. Intractable and more dangerous than lesser Vermin lords, they require the sacrifice of entire cities ir even nations for them to aid their summoner. [6]
  • Verminlord Corruptor: Cullers of Civilisation, the Pestilent Reapers: These daemons are disease given form , spreading plague is their craft and the aura of sickness that surrounds them withers life where they tred. Decayed, they are touchy about the fact they have the smallest and least elaborate horns of their kind. Three-eyed mites and other parasites swarm across their bodies and many prefer a pair of Plaguereaper blades as their chief weapon. [3c]
  • Verminlord Deceiver: The Shadows that Kill, Lord of Assassins are the least seen of the Verminlords, often only revealing themselves when their schemes have been completed. If they do manifest, they are supremely deadly using huge Doomstars, huge triple-bladed throwing stars as well as Warpstillettos - these they can throw to cause carnage and then catch from another part of the battlefield as they use their version of Skitterleap to shift and dance through the shadows. Partially cloaked in darkness, they are hard to target. [3b]
  • Verminlord Warbringers: The Great Stabber-slicers, Tyrants of Battle, they resemble the Skaven Warlords most, arrogant, self-posturing and fond of a dramatic entrance as they are of bestriding the battle lines. Many mortal skaven are inspired by their presence and are often overcome by a teeth-snapping rage as they fling themselves at their enemy. Like the Warlords, they seldom lead from the front but are powerful warriors with their Doom Glaive and Punch-dagger. [3d]
  • Verminlord Warpseers: The Great Manipulators, the Lords of Black Lightnings, Warpseers are usually at the centre of the most convoluted and complex plots as they craft schemes and intriques to bring their desired outcome. Masters of hurling black lightning at their enemies and invariably carry a Doom Glaive and Scry-orb, the latter which both allows they additional insight and also can be used as a thrown weapon to bring madness to those that are enveloped by its miasma. [3e]

Weapons and Equipment

Although they wield huge glaives, they also have sharp claws and teeth which can tear enemies to pieces. [5a]

  • 4th Edition: Doom Glaive. [1b]
  • 8th Edition: Exalted Verminlord: Direglave (Magical Hand Weapon), [4][6]
  • Doom Glaive: A huge weapon twice the height of a man. [5a]



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