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1st Edition

2nd Edition

3rd Edition

4th Edition

5th Edition

6th Edition

7th Edition

8th Edition

Other Rules

Army Books

Army Books contain all the background information and rules for a specific race. Each Army Book is a standalone book that requires no other Army Books to use, just the main Rulebook.



Includes seperate Army Books for different types of Chaos Armies: Beasts, Warrors and Daemons.

Chaos Dwarfs

Dark Elves

Dogs of War


The Empire

High Elves



Ogre Kingdoms

Orcs & Goblins


Tomb Kings


Vampire Counts

Wood Elves

Campaign Books & Expansions

2nd Edition

5th Edition

6th Edition

7th Edition

8th Edition

Collectors Guides

  • Bretonnian Collector's Guide
  • Chaos Collector's Guide
  • Dwarf Collector's Guide
  • Elven Collector's Guide
  • Monsters and Mercenaries Collector's Guide
  • Orc and Goblin Collector's Guide
  • Skaven Collector's Guide
  • Undead Collector's Guide

Background Books

  • Blood on the Reik
  • Darkness Rising: History of the Storm of Chaos
  • Liber Chaotica Complete
  • Liber Necris
  • The Life of Sigmar
  • The Loathsome Ratmen

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