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Felix Jaeger and Gotrek Gurnisson.
This article is focused on the past and personal background of Felix Jaeger. For his adventures go to the article Gotrek & Felix.

Felix Jaeger is a poet and the human companion of Gotrek Gurnisson; the two are ever-wandering and (in)famous heroes and adventurers.


Felix is a son of Renata and Gustav Jaeger. His mother died after prolonged illness when Felix was around nine years old. Gustav was a wealthy merchant, owner of merchant house Jaeger and Sons. Felix has at least two brothers; his older brother Otto was married to Annabella, a Bretonnian, and the couple had a son named Gustav.

The elder Gustav had high ambitions for his sons, hoping that providing them with an exclusive education, combined with his money, would eventually allow the Jaegers to become ennobled. Therefore, he enrolled Felix at Altdorf University, but Felix harboured a somewhat rebellious character and, contrary to his father's expectations, decided to become a poet. He fought several duels against his peers, earning a duelling scar on his right cheek and accidentally killing Wolfgang Krassner, a fellow student. In the ensuing scandal Felix was expelled from the university and was disinherited and cast out by his father.

He became a homeless drifter without goal or purpose. Revolted by the injustice of the newly issued Window Tax, Felix wrote a petition and together with other agitators organized protest marches, which ran out of control. Faced with the Window Tax Riots, emperor Karl Franz sent out the Reiksguard with orders to disperse the mob and restore order. Felix was nearly killed in these riots, being saved at the last minute by Gotrek Gurnisson, a dwarfen Slayer. After a night of heavy drinking, Felix swore a blood oath to follow Gotrek on the Dwarf's quest to find his doom in battle, promising to record it in an epic poem. The two have been companions ever since.

Shortly before the coming of the End Times, Felix married a young woman named Kat, who, as a young girl, had been saved by Gotrek and Felix from being sacrificed by a Chaos Champion (who happened to be her own mother).


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