Fell Cargo

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Fell Cargo
Fell Cargo cover.jpg
Author(s) Dan Abnett

Fell Cargo is a novel by Dan Abnett.


The infamous pirate captain Luka Silvaro returns to reclaim his ship and crew, he is given the most lucrative assignment of his career and looks to earn a king's ransom. But to gain those riches he must defeat the Butcher Ship, a nightmare vessel manned by zombies and captained by a daemon lord whose ghastly crew have brought about a reign of terror on the high seas, killing anyone they encounter.


They attacked us because they hadn’t seen a sail in three weeks. They were famished and scurvyed and low on water. It’s as Benuto said. The seas are dry. Ru’af was in no doubt. The Butcher Ship has driven everyone from the sea with its bloody fury.

~ Luka Silvaro. [1]

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