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A Fimm, a Fimir warrior.

The Fimir are amphibious humanoid monsters that haunt the bogs, fens and desolate moorlands throughout the northern and western Old World. [4a]

Nearly immortal, an average Fimir can live for several hundred years, a Dirach for twice that and a Meargh for thousands of years. [4a]


The most distinct feature of the Fimir is the single, sinister amber or milk-white eye in the centre of their head. The extended mouths of the Fimir are filled with sharp teeth, and their tails are tipped with bony clubs [2] if they are warriors, slashing blades or spikes if nobles and smooth if Dirach. Meargh are unique also in having hair on their heads.[3a][4a]


The Fimir are ruled by the Meargh, powerful Wizard-Queens who seldom venture forth from their fortresses. Below them are all the males, highest of which are the Dirach, sorcerers who often lead raiding parties. The warriors of the race are called Fimm, and their slaves the Shearl. The Meargh are infertile so the Fmimir must capture and breed with human females to continue their race. [3a]

They dress in a similar manner to humans, but always ensure their legs, arms and tail are kept free, warriors often wear chainmail and nobles favour garnet gems in the broaches that fasten their cloaks. [4a]


Long before the rise of Humans, the Fimir worshipped the Chaos Gods, and for a time enjoyed their favor. Alas, the Eye of the Gods was swiftly drawn to the more vibrant and amusing race of Man, and the Fimir were abandoned, reduced to seeking boons from bound Daemons where once they had enjoyed the blessings of the dark gods. Nowadays, the Fimir are a dwindling and reclusive race, little given to leaving their swampy fortresses, save for the occasional raid for food, females and slaves. [1][4a]


Their strongholds take the form of forbidding, craggy piles of rock, crudely build in the semblance of the castles of more civilised races. Such dwellings are seldom seen by outsiders for they are wreathed in thick mist, a miasma which is magically generated by the Fimir to shield their Fortresses from prying eyes, and themselves from the harsh glare of the sun[1]. Legends claim that the Fimir were once a powerful race, and that they waged war on the High Elves and ancient humans. [2][4a]

There is said to be an island capital of the Fimir, guarded by reefs with a vast obsidian castle and which moves, sinking and rising again in a new location. [4a]




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