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Fjul-Grimnir miniature.

Fjul-Grimnir is a Fyreslayer and a legendary Runefather of the Vostarg lodge.[1]


Fjul-Grimnir has sacrificed his birthright to lead the Chosen Axes and seek the city of Shadespire in order to redeem his lodge and fulfil the ancient oaths that his lodge failed to uphold.[1]


I have lost count of the years I have been trapped in this cursed place. Yet I still hold to Vostarg's ancients oaths. I will fight until the curse of Shadespire is lifted.


For Vorstarg! For Grimnir! Let them taste our fyresteel!


Ur-gold is all that matters. It is the essence of our god, the lifeblood of our people.

~Auric Runefather Fjul-Grimnir.[2c]

Stand firm, sons of Vostarg, and give them no ground.


No one I'd rather have at my side for this, Flamebearer.


The dead don't rest. Why should we?