Middle Mountains

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The Middle Mountains are located on the north-west (upper-left corner).

The Middle Mountains are a mountain range in The Empire. The greater part of the mountains are located in Ostland, but some portions lie within the boundaries of Hochland and Middenland.[8a]

Covered by dense forests, the mountains are the home of several tribes of Forest Goblins and Beastmen. The imperial control over these mountains is tenuous at the best of times.


The Dwarfs setttled the area during their Golden Age, building a small network of Holds they called Karaz Ghumzul. During the War of the Beard, a Chaos gate was discovered under the mountains and the dwarfs needed all their small realms strength to deal with it, declaring independance from the main Karaz Ankor. [8a]

Attacked by Greenskins and Skaven in the Time of Woes, the Dwarfs retreated from the area, stripping the holds of all their wealth and sealing them away, even destroying the roads that led to them. The priests cursed the mountains and everything within them as they departed. [8a]

The Necromancer Morath fled into the mountains from Mourkain with the Crown of Sorcery and established a stronghold of the dead in the ruined keep later known as the Brass Keep. Following a vision, Sigmar led an army to destroy Morath, defeating his undead in battle and taking the crown himself. [8b]

After the Empire was created, hmans built several fortresses at Brass Keep, Castle Lenkster and Roezfels to protect the lowlands from the many monsters of the mountains. [8a]

In 450 IC, Arch Lector Ulgrim led a crusade to the ruins of Brass Keep, cleansing it and establishing a garrison. [8b]

In 1520 IC, Gorthor recieved a vision of the world afire, a burning forest reaching into the skies and bid his Bray Shamans summon all warherds across the Middle Mountains to create a brayherd large enough to consume the lands of men - quickly word spreads far and wide of the coming invasion and the ground would be forever tainted by the Beastmen encampments. [9a]

Brass Keep was lost several times to Orc tribes and in 1882 IC Count Mordrek retook the fortress but was lured into the service of Chaos. [8b]

In 2302 IC Chaos invaded from Kislev and captured Brass Keep and which was never recaptured [8a] with a attack in 2370 IC brutally repulsed by the Blight Kings of Nurgle that held it. [8b]

A brief gold rush in 2497 IC led to thousands entering the mountains in seach of treasure - many of whom died. [8a]

Known features

  • Brass Keep: An imperial fortress located deep within the mountains which recently fell into the hands of Chaos warriors [3][1][4][8a]
  • Castle Lenkster is an Ostland Citadel south of Wolfenburg. [7][8a]
  • Flamespire: Mountain, home of namesake Chimera.[2]
  • Mierack is an Ostland town high in the North East of the Middle Mountains.[7]
  • Nordberg: Highest mountain of the Middle Mountains. [1]Beneath the peak is the Keep of the First Slayer, home of the Brothers of Grimnir who guard the Chaos gate opened nearly 8000 years before. [8a]
  • Middenheim: City of the White Wolf, located on the south-western tip of the Middle Mountains. [4]
  • Roezfels: Fortress built on the bones of a Jutones stronghold older than Sigmar, it guards Death's Door Pass. [8a]
  • Wolfenburg: Provincial capital of Ostland; located in the south-eastern foothills of the Middle Mountains [3][4][5a][6]

Two important rivers are located in the Middle Mountains.

  • The river Wolf's Run begins near Wolfenburg, while Drakwasser is located a bit further east. Both rivers flow into the river Talabec, carrying dark soil which is later deposited in Altdorf[3][5a][5b]