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Fleugweiner Sonderblitz is a mercenary and adventurer, who was forced to leave his hometown of Wildernheim in the Empire at a very young age because of a scandal which caught the attention of the Knights of the White Wolf. Like told by his parents, he went to Miragliano in the Tilean city states and headed westward to the New World with an expedition of the famous mercenary general, conquistador and pirate El Cadavo.

A quote from that incident will be found here.

Later, he reached the shores of the tropical country of Lustria where he tried to steal the jeweled eyes of a giant statue of Sotek, the Lizardmen's snake God. It was a veritable shock for the human adventurer as the statue suddenly became alive.

He managed to get back to the Old World where he wrote a number of books, some of which contained his memoirs of Lustria.


  • Games Workshop Germany - unusually - translated the Name in Janah Honez.


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