Flych Sharptail

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Flych Sharptail is a Clan Eshin Assassin in the service of Murderlord Snikkit in the city of Mordheim. [1]

The Clan Eshin Assassin Flych Sharptail


Wise-smart Skaven work with Fylch, yes? Not-never hear-learn about Flych Sharptail? Flych Sharptail, greatest killer in all Clan Eshin! Flych strangled Will-helm the baron-thing and make it look like hungry troll ate him! Flych drown Warlord Kripnik after his ship sink fighting dragon-thing! Poxkeeper Bilebreath choke down on plague when Flych drops big rock on his tail! Not-never hear-learn about Flych? Best assassin is one nobody knows! Be proud-honour to work for Flych! Flych will let you find much-much wyrdstone for him! Great-great honour!

~Flych. [1]


In the video game he provides an introduction to the city and dispatches the player on a series of unique campaign missions to recover warpstone and other artefacts. He accompanies the player's warband on these adventures and is a powerful controllable asset for their duration.[1]