Forest of Hate

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Forest of Hate
Forest of Hate cover.jpg
Author(s) Jude Hornborg
Editor(s) Brian Johnson
Cover Artist Alessandro Boer
Illustrator(s) Alessandro Boer, Andrew Hepworth, Pedro

Sena, Ralph Horsley, Sam Manley

Released July 2023
Pages 43

Forest of Hate is a adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


  • Forest of Hate, pg. 3
  • Figures of Note, pg. 6
  • Beginning the Adventure, pg. 9
  • Adventure Encounters, pg. 12
  • Adventure Locations, pg. 21
  • Appendix I: Eyeslime Fever, pg. 33
  • Appendix II: Monsters & NPCs, pg. 34


A disease called Eyeslime Fever has infected settlements in the eastern Laurelorn Forest. Shallyans have failed to contain the plague, and herbal remedies are scarce. If the Characters cannot discover a way to prevent an epidemic, war and chaos will devastate the Laurelorn causing Nordland’s logging industry to collapse and even deadlier plagues to spread. The Characters are medicine-seekers who find themselves facing not just disease, but also propaganda, prejudice, and profane sorcery

~ Forest of Hate.[1]