Forges of Nuln

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Forges of Nuln
Forges of Nuln cover 001.jpg
Editor(s) Evan Sass
Cover Artist Christer Sveen
Released 2006
Pages 96
ISBN 978-1-84416-225-3
Preceded by Spires of Altdorf

Forges of Nuln is a city source book and the third part of the Paths of the Damned campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition).


  • Introduction, pg. 3-4
  • A Guide to Nuln, pg. 5-27
  • Chapter One: The Third Shard, pg. 28-35
  • Chapter Two: Farewell Altdorf, pg. 35-40
  • Chapter Three: Along the Reik, pg. 41-51
  • Chapter Four: Fear and Loathing in Nuln, pg. 52-56
  • Chapter Five: Investigations, pg. 57-71
  • Chapter Six: The Weapon and Under Nuln, pg. 72-80
  • Chapter Seven: The Masquerade, pg. 81-88
  • Chapter Eight: All Hell, pg. 89-96