Fortress of Dawn

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Banner of the Fortress

The Fortress of Dawn is one of the High Elf Outposts located near the southern tip of the Southlands

It is a High Elf port city and colony located in the Island of the Sun, near the southern tip of the Southlands[1a][2a][3a][3b][4a]. It was established in 1203 IC by order of Morvael the Impetuous in the 82th year of his reign[1c][2c][4b].

The colony's main feature is its large seaport, which enables the High Elf navy to patrol, protect and ultimately control the eastern sea trade routes to Cathay[1b][2b] and to suppress any raids of the Dark Elf Corsairs in this region.

Its central city is built around a central vast waystone. [5]

The island also harbours several towns and shipyards[2d][3b], making it an ideal place to rest exhausted ship crews and to repair and/or refit damaged ships.

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