Fraternity of the Second Flesh

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The Fraternity of the Second Flesh is a powerful Cult of Nurgle. [1a]

Aims and Objectives

The fraternity plots to bring down the Empire into a swamp of disease and squalor to prepare for the End Times. [1a]


Only men of noble birth are welcomed to the Cult by Marasmus and all have at least one foul disease. [1a]

  • Marasmus the Archbacillus, Baron Oberheuser and Imperial courtier and blessed with the Mark of Nurgle.[1a]
    • Ulcerators: Fourteen disciples that rank below Marasmus. [1a]
      • Abscessites: Fourteen lowest members of the Fraternity. [1a]


Every seven weeks Marasmus leads the congregation in prayer and they have a minor tome of magic the Liber Sincitus whose rituals were used to summon a Beast of Nurgle to guard the cult's temple. [1a]