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Free Peoples are the armies of humans that are reconquering the Mortal Realms.


After losing their kingdoms, continents and lands during the Age of Chaos, the Free People took refuge in Azyr, gathering in Azyrheim and Sigmaron. There they made a new home, uniting in Sigmar's name to preserve their heraldry and cultural traditions, awaiting for the time when they can return to the Mortal Realms as conquerors and enact bloody revenge upon the forces of Chaos.[1][2][3]


After the Stormcast Eternals have retaken the lands and the Devoted of Sigmar have purged it from the taint of chaos, the Free People follow after them raising fortresses and settlements in the Realms once more. In these new lands they quickly learn the ways of war.[1]


They are led by martial city lords and the ranks are filled out by the Freeguilds. Each Freeguild is the remnant of an ancient tribe, proudly bearing their heraldry into battle.[1]


Some of the Freeguild heraldry known are:

  • Crowned Skull of Penumbra[1]
  • Sanguine Lady of Flames[1]
  • Stonehearted Blood Bull[1]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Sophia Altenbach Free Peoples Castellan Human An infamous artist and the daughter of a powerful family in the Realm of Azyr who survived charges of heresy and was exiled as Castellan of the Grave of Heroes
Armand Callis Free Peoples Corporal Human Former corporal of the Coldguard Regiment of Excelsis, he helped save the city and now works with the Witch Hunter Hanniver Toll
Poppa Chown Free Peoples Captain Human The commander of the Leatherbacks, a Freeguild gun company, from the fenlands that stretched across the south of the Realm of Ghur
Elya Free Peoples Street Urchin Human A child of Glymmsforge also known as the Queen of Cats
Hakharty Free Peoples Soldier Human a Freeguild deserter who was led into the cursed city of Shadespire in search of plunder by Captain Reynar.
Byrun Hess Free Peoples Freeguild Captain Human He led the charge that killed the sorcerer Avul Thrice-Burnt at the battle of Beacon Field but in doing so killed his company and was banished to the Grave of Heroes.
Kalja Free Peoples Tribal Leader Human A tribal leader on the Brimstone Peninsula who witnessed the first clash between the Goretide and the Hammers of Sigmar, she joined the Stormcast, killing a blood warrior herself. Vandus Hammerhand found her there after the battle, marvelling that she had survived at all, untainted.
Zana Mathos Free Peoples Agent of Grungni Human A sell sword who has been enlisted by Grungni to find the Eight Lamentations
Otto Nimyard Free Peoples Freeguild General Human Disgraced, he now leads a mercenary company - Nimyard's Rough-Riders.
Olfren Free Peoples Sergeant Human A Freeguild sergeant of Harthaven that was driven mad before he was killed by an undead horde.
Seguin Reynar Free Peoples Captain Human A former Freeguild captain who led a group of deserters into the cursed city of Shadespire in search of plunder.
Niara Sydona Free Peoples Sergeant Human A Freeguild sergeant from the city of Concordia who was captured by Ogors but escaped with the outcast Stormcast Eternal Valruss
Sarmiel el Talamé Free Peoples General Human A General in the city state of Jercho in the Realm of Ghur who aided Hamilcar Bear-Eater in claiming his city for Sigmar
Synor Free Peoples Freeguild General Human Commander of the Iron Bulls Regiment of the city of Excelsis
Utrecht Free Peoples Soldier Human A hillsman from the Realm of Ghur who joined the Freeguild and later entered the cursed city of Shadespire with his former Captain, Seguin Reynar.
Yare Free Peoples Philosopher Human A renowned philosopher of the Realm of Ghyran


Image Unit Faction Grand
Demigryph Knight M01.jpg
Demigryph Knight Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Human Archers M01.jpeg
Freeguild Archer Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Human Crossbowmen M01.jpeg
Freeguild Crossbowmen Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Freeguild General M01.jpg
Freeguild General Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Karl Franz on Deathclaw.jpg
Freeguild General on Griffon Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Greatswords minis.jpg
Freeguild Greatsword Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Freeguild Guard M01.jpg
Freeguild Guard Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Freeguild Handgunner M01.jpg
Freeguild Handgunner Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Outriders M01.jpeg
Freeguild Outrider Free Peoples Order Warscroll
Pistoliers M01.jpeg
Freeguild Pistolier Free Peoples Order Warscroll

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