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The Freeguild are the brave mortal defenders of the Free Peoples and the Cities of Sigmar. [1e]

The Cities of Sigmar are defended by many different forces such as the Stormcast Eternals, the Ironweld Arsenal and the Collegiate Arcane but much fighting and sacrifice falls to the mere mortals of the many Freeguild Regiments. All such regiments were originally created from twelve tribes that fought alongside Sigmar in the Age of Chaos and followed him when he retreated to the Realm of Azyr where they retained their training, skills and discipline.[1e]

However as the reclamation of the Mortal Realms progressed more and more regiments were created from those cultures that had survived the onslaught of Chaos - although tensions often run high between the original Azyrites and the Reclaimed. All free cities have several Freeguilds, organised into regiments for battle and acting as city watchmen in times of peace. Each are different and have their own customs, cultures, colours and traditions differing greatly from Realm to Realm and city to city. [1e]

Herladry is equally varied with the oldest designs harking back to the twelve tribes - the Crowned Skull of Penumbra, the Iron Bull of Tarsus and the Sanguine Lady of Flames.[1e]

Known Regiments


Some of those who join are volunteers, part of a long family history of service, others see it as path to glory or riches whilst otehrs are conscripted for all city districts are required to provide recruits to replenish the ranks fo their regiments. [1e]