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Furion is a ancient Dark Elf Sorcerer and author from Clar Karond. [1a]


He created the Crown of Black Iron, a magical artefact able to absorb Dark magic creating a Daemonic shadow to protect the wearer from harm. [1a]

Furion has an enchanted necklace made from the bones of his Traitorous daughters. [1b]


On his Black Ark, the Claw of Dominion he circled the world and ate the fruit of the Black Tree. [1b]


The Tome of Furion collects his instructions to proceed along the Path of Darkness on pages made from skin flayed from Orcs. [1a] He has also written guides to the history of the Elves, although with a distinct bias. [1b]


I was old when the world was still young, and thus it is I who writes of the long gone days, of millennia of hate, treachery and betrayal. I write to you young Druchii, for I know the truth.

~ The Founding of Naggaroth by Furion of Clar Karond.[1]

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