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Titles Lord of the Underearth, Protector of the Dead
Domains Death
Type Ancestor God
Affiliation Dwarfs
Relatives Valaya(sister)
Skavor {Son)
Symbols Stylised cave entrance, a flame

Gazul is a lesser Ancestor God of the Dwarves and the protector of the dead. [1a]

Reflective in nature, in the time of the Ancestor Gods, Gazul considered the mortality of his race. He established the tradition of venerating their ancestors, living or dead. He also uncovered the signature runes for himself and his sibling gods: Grungni, Valaya, and Grimnir. These “signature runes” gave the Ancestor Gods and their followers power to overcome their enemies.[1a]

He has a son, Skavor. [2a]


  • Oppose necromancers and other defilers of the dead.[1a]
  • Do not refuse to perform burial rites for those that perish.[1a]
  • Do not disturb or enter a blessed place of burial. [1a]
  • No priest of the cult may create or summon undead.[1a]


A gloomy Dwarf, he has jet black hair and beard streaked with grey, especially at the temples and the corners of his mouth. He is normally depicted wearing black iron armour beneath his black cloak, carrying the great runesword Zharrvengryn Flaming Vengeance. [1a]


All holds of the dwarves in the Old World and Norsca have a temple to the god, the dwarves of the Worlds Edge Mountains are particularly devout followers. Normally the temple is constructed near to the hold's burial vaults, with ogre size statues of Gazul guarding the entrance. [1a]

The cult is on friendly terms with those of both Sigmar and Morr and is particularly hostile towards necromancers. [1a]

The Order of the Guardians, dwarf Witch Hunters are a offshoot of the cult. [1a]

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