Gazul in the Mortal Realms

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Titles the Lord of Underearth [2a]
Type Underworld Deity
Status Unknown
Followers Gazul-Zagaz

Gazul is a god worshipped by the people of Gazul-Zagaz. The first and last oath they still make in life is to him: By sorrow fail, and by sadness bound. [2a]


He fought Nagash in Age of Myth and lost.[1]


The people of Gazul-Zagaz are worshippers of Gazul and this city hosts an ancient priesthood of Rune-Singers that ward the souls of their dead, and can even in extremis call them back to assist the living. They sing the souls of the dead to their god, who seems to still exist.[1]


And yet, what is death to a god? Dust and less than dust.

~Elder Judd to Lord-Aquilor Sathphren Swiftblade .[2a]


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