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Geheimnisnacht, or the Night of Mysteries, is the most ill-omened night of the year in many lands. [1]

It is one of only two nights (the other being Hexensnacht) in which Morrslieb, the accursed Chaos moon, is full. Furthermore, it is the night when Morrslieb is closest to the world whilst in its highly elliptical orbit. [1]

During this night the Winds of Magic grow strong and mutations appear. The rise of magic enables many daemons to travel to the world of mortals. Evil sorcerers cast their spells while Necromancers and Vampires raise their undead legions. The Chaos cults gather to praise and worship their dark gods while the terrified law-abiding people hide themselves in their homes praying for the arrival of dawn. [1]

  • In the Empire this night is called Geheimnisnacht. [2]
  • In Bretonnia this night is called Winter's Eve.
  • The Dwarfs call it Ar'Uzkul.
  • The Elves call it Twilight's Tide.

It's unclear if the Dark Elves call this night Death Night. It may be the same night but then it might not.


  • 'Geheimnisnacht' is German, composed of 'Geheimnis' = Secret and 'Nacht' = Night.