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A monstrous Ghorgon.

Ghorgons, also known as Bloodbrutes, are huge, four-armed, ox-headed monsters used by the Beastmen herds.


Ghorgons are thought by Bray-Shamans to have originated as Minotaur chiefs who allowed their hunger for flesh to overtake them and thus slaughtered and devoured their own tribes. Beastmen know that consuming lean, muscular flesh confers size and strength, and Ghorgons embody this fact. By devouring the flesh of other Minotaurs, they have swelled into immense and powerful creatures, becoming the largest and strongest denizens of the woods. However, the price of this strength was that they also gained the concentrated bloodlust of their tribes, causing their minds to be consumed by a burning hunger for flesh.[2a][3a]


Ghorgons are among the largest beings found Warherds, and tower above common Gors. They sprout a line of rigid spikes on their backs and have an extra pair of arms ending in bone blades instead of true hands. Ghorgons also have additional mouths on their bellies and torsos.[3a]


Ghorgons match Giants in brutal strength and incredible stubbornness, but are also faster and more resilient, as well as possessing the famed Minotaur bloodlust, getting more enraged and efficient as they continue to carve a bloody path through the enemy regiments.[2][3a]

While the Ghorgons are incredibly resilient, they still lack the famed armour of Khemri Bone Giants or the thick hide of the Stonehorns. However, that same gluttony that led them to their state is the solution here: if seriously hurt, a creature is likely to literally grab and completely consume one of their enemies, its extreme metabolism quickly digesting the corpse and using the energy to close over the gravest wounds. Hopefully for civilisation, this isn't foolproof, as the flesh might be indigestible or simply lack the required energy to heal the beast properly.[2]




How much flesh can a Ghorgon gorge on? A Ghorgon gorges on flesh 'til it's gone. He'd gorge on more, of that you can be sure, if only he could find more to gorge on.

~ Tongue twister popular with children in the Drakwald.[3a]


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