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Stormcast Eternal fighting with Bullgor

Bullgors are massive bull-headed humanoid creatures belonging to the Warherds faction. They have muscular frame and are twice the height of a man.[1] Every Bullgor possesses great blood thirst so gobble down any meat that can reach - often doing it even on the battlefield. Bullgors have little clothes on them, wear medium armour and fight with an one-handed axe and a shield or with a two-handed axes. Leaders of Bullgors units are called Bloodkine. When in warherds Bullgors are often led by Doombull - especially big and bloodthirsty Bullgor.[2]


Cygors are monstrously malformed breeds of Bullgor. However, their curse is not to hunger for flesh, but for magic. The ancestors of these monsters fed upon the Great Bray-Shamans of old, as well as the hedge wizards and witch doctors of primitive Aelf and Human tribes. In consuming this ensorccelled meat, a ghastly transformation took place. They were warped and swelled to gargantuan proportions, as their eyes melded together in the center of their foreheads into a single, misty orb.[3] [4]

These cyclopean orbs are blind to physical matter, but the magic-infused souls of Wizards shine out to them like wildfires, allowing the Cygor to pick out it's favourite prey among the huddled masses of regular prey. They are both drawn to and repulsed by any buried ruins with mystical wards or enchantments carved onto them. With their shovel-like hands they dig up and carry this magic debris, sniffing out suitable prey and throwing it at them.[4]


Ghorgons are a type of monstrous cousins of the Bullgor that fight together with the Warherds.[3]


Not since my Reforging have I known such all-consuming ferocity. Their charge hit us like a tidal wave, and we were hard pressed to hold it back.

~ Lord-Celestant Bordustrian, the Hammers of Sigmar[2]


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