Ghorros Warhoof

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Ghorros Warhoof is a gnarled, ancient Centigor who is forever fighting, rutting or getting drunk. His unnaturally long life has spanned many centuries and he has slaughtered his way through countless wars without succumbing to his injuries. Not a single minute of his impressive lifespan has been spent idle, for the Warhoof is possessed of an unholy vitality, a virile and boundless energy that is matched only by the depths of his carnal urges. Amongst the strongest of these is a lust for violence and battle. It is a rare moon indeed that does not see Ghorros go to war.[1]

It is commonly said that Ghorros Warhoof is the father of a thousand young, and yet that still does not do his exploits justice. A menagerie of twisted terrors that cover the Old World from one end to the other share his bloodline. Ghorros frequently boasts about his adventures; indeed it is very difficult to get him to stop. Amongst his many claims is the fathering of the entire Centigor race. He maintains that every one of that mismatched and drunken clan can be traced back to his lineage. Few have the nerve to gainsay him, for in his cups the Warhoof has a terrible and violent temper, and he is rarely sober.[1]

None can deny that Ghorros has a very great number of Centigor sons and acolytes, all fanatically devoted to their gnarled but undeniably potent leader. He gallops into battle surrounded by the largest and most fearsome of his four-legged progeny, and every one of them would readily give their lives for the sake of their infamous sire.[1]

But it is not just Centigor that owe a familial debt to Ghorros, for he is anything but discerning. Amongst his hordes come all manner of nameless beasts and half­ breeds, and regardless of their size, barbarism or ferocity, they all pay respect to the Warhoof when he is nearby. An army blessed by the leadership of the Warhoof is strong indeed, for his presence unites the disparate creatures of the dark woods on a deep and primal level.[1]


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